Dj 2da Synk (2many8sidedremz) wrote in ridge_rats,
Dj 2da Synk

so theres this cliff right, well i was feeling a little (alot) like shit so , hey , i decide to jump right the fuck off (cliff height= 400 or more) so i jump off this thing in hopes of a smooth fast quick donfall and what happens( the luck of the irish) kicks in and a branch fuckin saves me...... A BRANCH

WTF is a branch doing on the side of a cliff sticking out of solid rock, so anyway this things saves my life...... i get back up to the top right........ find a big ass log and fuckin destroyed that dam branch, that fucker fucker fucker, anyways it was fun alot of fun and this snowboarding place wants to pay me to race for their team and guess what??????????? tthe owners a pothead, but, what we call northern lights, well, thats regs up here... the good shit up here is called "grade A Canadian" and i need a buyer for 1000 lbs. of the shit and none of you fux can even fathom that much moneys so matt drew or steve-o you fuckn faggot get a hold of ur hokups hookups and see if they need mass weight and this shit will be 100 a pound so you figure 100 x 1000 = ?

hahahahahahahahaha exactly call me up this is serious to no bs dont bother callin unless you plan on buying i dont deal with petty shit anymore

Dj_Sync *dreams do come true* im the proof
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